We are here to help if you have questions. Please check out the frequently asked questions below or feel free to contact us if your question is not answered. We are happy to answer your questions.

How many people can play?

There is no limit to the number of people in your group. For best results, we suggest between 2 and 8 players. But we have had players complete the adventures on their own, and had groups that had more than 8 people.

Does everyone in my group need to purchase their own PuzzleWalks adventure?

No. Only the group leader needs to purchase the PuzzleWalks adventure and have their web-enabled smart phone with them during the game.

Is it hard? What if I get stuck? I am not good with technology.

The game has its own help system. You can use it anytime during your game. It provides different types of help, from a slight push in the right direction to the complete answer. You will be able to experience the entire adventure. Our game is designed to be easy to use. The text is big and the buttons are labled for easy use.

What if the weather is bad?

You can choose what day you want to play your game, or split it up between different days. There are no reservations. You are free to choose whatever day you would like, change as often as you want, and take more than one day to complete the game.

How do I play?

Each game has its own instructions included. However, the game is simple to play. The leader uses thier web enabled phone. The players must locate different points in the city by following the details in the story. Once at these points, they must discover the single key word or number that is suggested by the story. Something at the location will point to the word or number needed. Search carefully. Read everything. Explore. When the correct word or number is entered into the phone, the story continues and the group tires to discover the next location. There is no time limit.

Is there anything scary?

No. Our games are designed for everyones comfort. There is nothing in the game intended to scare, startle, or disturb the players. It is designed as a fun experience, not a scary experience.

How do I start?

Choose a game from  our list and let the fun begin. An account will be created that will contain all the games you have purchased. Organize your group and plan for a day of fun. It is as easy as that.

Must I keep my phone on the entire game?

No. You will need to use your phone at each check point to enter the secret key word or solve another puzzle. You will also need to use your phone to find out where you should be walking, but there is no need to keep your phone on as you travel from location to location.

I represent a business and have an idea for a partnership, what do I do?

Use the contact page to let us know your ideas. We will be in touch.