Puzzle Walks is game so big that takes place around a town or city. Our game is a walking tour adventures that combines a scavenger hunt, puzzles, and games with an exciting story.  It can be played individually or as a group.

One member of the group signs up for the adventure and uses a web-enabled smart phone to access the game. Everyone uses clues from the story to move to various checkpoints in the city. At each checkpoint, the group works together to discover a key word or number that is suggested from clues in the story and the surrounding area. Once determined, this word or number is entered into the leader’s smart phone and the story and the game continue to the next checkpoint.

PuzzleWalks adventures are easy to use. Choose you adventure today. Play your game today, or wait for another day. The game will be waiting for you in your account when you are ready. No reservations are needed. No worry about changed plans or bad weather. The game is yours to play until you complete it.

On the day you decide to start your PuzzleWalks adventure there are a few things to keep in mind. You are under no time limit to finish. Relax. Visit a restaurant along the way. Stop in a interesting shop. Enjoy an art gallery you pass. You can even finish the PuzzleWalks adventure another day! No worries. The game will pick up right where you left off.

And have no fear if you get stumped. Each game has a will provide hints to keep you on track. And if you are really stumped it will slip you an answer or two.

Choose a PuzzleWalks game today, and let the adventure begin.